Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Down that little lane

How good is Down That Little Lane? Like, seriously.
It's genius really.
You need a gift? Just jump online, day or night, and shop from some of the finest stores in Australia.
Feel like shopping at 4am but nothing's open? Get on it.

I'm pleased and proud as punch to be able to say that we are part of this website.

I first joined DTLL a whole year ago, when Tessa first started it, but have only now had enough time to fully stock my online store. Oh my, it takes some time! But it is so worth it.

The website is a beautiful place, if you havn't seen it already, do yourself a favour and check it out.
Oh, and there's a pretty button off to the right there that will take you to our store.

As I said before, DTLL has been up and running for one year, and to celebrate the lovely gals are doing an amazing giveaway!
Pop on over to Em's blog The Beetleshack (which I'm sure you know!) to enter.
You can win all this!!

How awesome is that!!

Righto, I'm off to take more photos and upload more products for you

1 comment:

  1. Tessa is a great gal. I adore the website & shop & her . . . trying to contain myself from shopping as i am meant to be emptying my shop & closing my business down. Slowly. It's hard after 12 years. Love seeing her things in my glossy magazines too, Tessa does ace PR. Love Posie